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Developing history of Ceramic material
May 31,2021       From: Doris

Ceramic material is a general term for inorganic nonmetallic materials except metals and polymers.Ceramics can be roughly defined as compounds of metallic and nonmetallic elements.It equivalent to the "inorganic non-metallic material".Ceramics therefore encompass much more than metallic and nonmetallic compounds.In addition to the materials covered by the above definition, inorganic nonmetallic compounds such as glass with silica as the host material and silicon carbide are included in the category of ceramics.

Human used pottery and porcelain even before he used metal.Until modern, when mention ceramic, people can not help but think of the appliance such as bowl, cup etc . the brick that thinks of daily contact .It is hard to think of cement, concrete also is ceramic.So it is more difficult to imagine appeared technology ceramic in recent years.

Around the 1960s, people began to develop a new generation of ceramic materials.Some of them are the new use of traditional materials, such as alumina, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, etc. While ,some of them are artificial synthetic new materials such as tungsten carbide, niobium carbide, etc. For  semi-stable zirconia is the product of high-tech.

The industrial application of engineer ceramics is only in the last ten years.Engineer ceramics have many properties that other materials are difficult to reach, such as heat resistance, hardness, wear resistance, chemical stability, toughness and so on.Ceramic engine parts are gradually replacing metal parts, and ceramic valves take advantage of ceramic's wear resistance and corrosion resistance to create wear resistance.

At present,metal sealing valves are widely installed at  wear-resisting, corrosion pipeline ,which having  hundreds of years of history  .Though they have been improved by structure and material, the metal materials because of the limitation of their own conditions, more and more can not adapt to the high abrasion, strong corrosion, such as the needs of the poor working conditions. Most of them will  show serious leakage, short service life of wear and tear,It greatly affects the stability of the system operation.For metal sealing  valve, we need to implement thorough and effective innovation in material, design and manufacturing process.

Due to the above reason , FREE-VALVE company developed toughening ceramic materials, solve the brittle problem of common ceramics, greatly improve the impact toughness of the ceramic.At the same time, FREE-VALVE  technical team overcome the combination problem of metal and ceramic material of valve parts , it successfully applied in the field of industrial valves, developed "wear-resisting valve". FREE-VALVEs wear-resistance valve include ceramic lined gate valve ,ceramic lined butterfly valve ,ceramic ball valve etc . 



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