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Fabricating the valve strictly according to the technical requirements;
Make sure every step in good situation ,from design ,fabricating ,sale, service ;
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Valve introduction ,technical communication non-standard valve design , question and answer at any time
After sales service : To make the valve best, FREE-VALVE company will arrange professional staff to collect a feedback about valve information of FREE valve during the valve installation.Such as quality ,usage situation and improving opinion
For some special product ,technical engineer can be send to do the technical service about valve usage , commissioning , troubleshooting , maintenance and so on .
Delivery on time ,make sure the interest of every customer
Fast feedback will be made according to every valve complaint
Y Type Globe Valve Catalogue
tank bottom valve catalogue
FREE-Valve’s Y Type Globe Valve is ideal for many applications because the valves are designed for use on abrasion materials. Y Type Globe Valve is divided into left and right parts with a seat between them.
Ceramic Valve Sample
Ceramic Valve Sample
FREE-VALVE focus on the service all the time .FREE people try their best to meet the demands of the end user.
Ceramic rotary disc gate valve o...
Ceramic rotary disc gate valve operation manual
FREE-Valve’s Pneumatic Rotating Type Ceramic Gate Valves are designed for pressurized and vacuum systems including dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems, discharge and vent applications in steel plant and coal power. The whole of ceramic seal
foot valve
check valve
FREE-VALVE’s foot valve is a kind of energy saving valve, usually installed at the bottom of the suction pipe of pump. The function of foot valve is preventing the water in the pipe flowing back to the water sources and only allow the water flow forward .
Rotating Type Ceramic Gate Valve
Product sample
FREE- Valve’s Pneumatic Rotating Type Ceramic Gate Valve is a high performance valve ...