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Company Profile
Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd is leader in the design valve and application of special industrial valves , we provide high quality industrial products for our customers all the time. First introduced engineering  ceramic  valve in the year 2008, FREE-VALVES have steadily proven their worth in tough industrial applications once thought to be solely the province of steel or ceramic valves. Today, as challenge traditional thinking in abrasive fluid applications, FREE-VALVES offer a wide rang of products:ceramic knife gate valve , ceramic double gate valve , rotating type ceramic gate valve , slurry valve ,tank bottom angle valve , V type ball valve, ball valve, butterfly valve,ceramic tile lined composite pipes etc .

They have a wide application in coal washing plant ,coal power plant ,alumina refinery, steel plant,petro-chemical etc.
Our valves have been exported to Vietnam,Thailand , Pakistan ,Malaysia ,United states ,Indonesia,South Africa,Saudi Arabia, Taiwan etc .
Power Plant
Chemical Plant
Paper Industry

FREE- valve focus on High Quality, Continuous Improvement, Outstanding Service and Trust both in the company and in the relationships with customers. The people of FREE- valve always carry the spirit of craftsmen all the time , so we are known as an excellent source for high quality valve supplies and service. 

Our Values
At FREE- Valve company ,we understand that creating value is not only simply the price of supplying the valve for customers , but also supply professional solutions according to the site working conditions and in time service .
The value is about designing valves that are reliability and safety. 
The value is pay great attention to customer needs ,made customized solutions to according customer needs. 
The value is the before sale ,selling and after sale service at any time to our customer.
The value is meeting the needs of our customers by providing the products of the high quality-valve and the best technical support .