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  • Wafer type Ceramic Butterfly Valve
  • Pneumatic Ceramic Butterfly Valve
  • Pneumatic Wafer type Ceramic Butterfly Valve
  • Wafer type Ceramic Butterfly Valve
  • Pneumatic Ceramic Butterfly Valve
  • Pneumatic Wafer type Ceramic Butterfly Valve
Pneumatic Ceramic Butterfly Valve
Size Range
Pressure Range
Applicable Temperature
Connection Type
Sealing material
engineering ceramics
Body material
Pressure test
GB/T13927, API598
Face to Face
GB/T12221, ASME B16.10
Valve body
GB/T12224,ASME B16.34
Operating Type
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FREE-VALVE’s pneumatic ceramic butterfly valves were operated in the harshest control environments and offers excellent resistant to cavitation which is major problem for process control valves. The ceramic materials are applied to the most common problem areas within disc of butterfly valve.These ceramic materials are 6-8 times harder than stainless steels and this ensures that the ceramic butterfly valve can operate under harsh, abrasive service environment.

1.Wafer type ceramic butterfly valves are light and easy to install.
2.The disc sealing ring and seat are both high performance ceramics. High pure 99% Alumina, Zirconia and solid Tungsten carbide are used for wafer type ceramic butterfly valves. Different ceramics materials are suitable for different applications.
3.Body materials are selected on different applications.
4.Ceramics are nearly universally chemical resistant.
5.Much longer service life than any other common butterfly valves, and save maintenance cost for customers,due to high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance of high performance ceramics.
6.Pneumatic operation ceramic butterfly valves are easy to realize the remote control or the local control.
7.It has the inherent characteristic of the adjustable performance of butterfly valve.
8.Using single acting cylinder,it can be automatically turned off or turned on under air break conditions,Meeting process requirements on site.

FREE-VALVE’s pneumatic Ceramic Butterfly Valves are suitable for all types of abrasive slurry including bauxite, Mining slag,Coal washing ,Ash Slurry, Ash,Grain,Quartz Sand,Metallurgical dust,etc 

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