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Certificate of Origin FORM E
Jan 08,2019       From: Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd
 FREE-VALVE Company provide the certificate of origin for customers
Sometimes, certificate of origin is goods export documents , the customer usually have related requirements to the documents, Different certificates of origin can enjoy different import tax rates to customers, such as one importer is from Vietnam, he can purchase goods from different countries , why did he choose China? One reason is China-ASEAN free trade agreement, and the certificate of origin is that he can enjoy the documents of preferential policies.For example FORM E:
Before issuing the certificate of origin, exporter must determine the date of sailing, Vessel, Vessel No., commercial invoice with importer.

Application country 
Brunei Darussalam ,Cambodia ,China ,Indonesia ,Laos ,Malaysia ,Myanmar ,Philippines ,Singapore,Thailand ,Vietnam

Certificate of origin has the following functions
1. Determine the main basis for enjoying tax rate treatment.
2. Important basis for trade statistics.
3. Control the import of goods from a specific country and determine the basis for the approval of release.
4. To prove the quality of the imported goods or the basis for the settlement .
5. Implement quantity control of import product .
6. Certificate of origin is one of the customs clearance documents.

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