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The application of tank bottom angle valve in crystallization conditions
Jun 30,2017       From: Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,ltd
In the evaporative and crystallization technology process ,such things happens frequently .That is valve can not open as the medium gathering at the bottom of tank , so it lead to the medium can not be discharged . To solve this problem , the only method is flushing the blocked valve by high pressure water or high temperature steam . it is time wasting and inconvenient. 
How to solve this problem in valve field ? Now a new type of valves have been studied , that is tank bottom angle valve (disc opening into the tank type ) ,working as the special discharge medium valve ,can solve the problem better . The outlook and application is described as the following picture :
The above picture is tank bottom angle valve installed at the CuSO4 crystallizer to work as the discharging medium .
Tank bottom angle valve (disc opening into the tank type) is suitable to discharge and sampling the medium at the bottom of crystallizer . It usually welding at the bottom of tank or other vessel by the flange of the valve . The disc of tank bottom angle valve is designed as the flat type , valve body type is Y type , the valve disc is classified as open up and open down according to different working style . The sealing ring is set inside of the valve body ,and hard alloy is overlaying on the sealing surface of the disc , the sealing type is designed as liner sealing to have a reliable sealing and anti-scaling function .
So the engineer can select tank bottom angle vale according to your working situation on site in the Design of crystallization system.

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