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Problems should be paid attention to when using fluorine lined valves
Jul 17,2020       From: Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd
Fluorine lined valve has been widely used in devices contacting with acid and alkali of strong corrosive medium in the petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy, electric power industries,but how to choose the right and appropriately use fluorine lined valves, according to our application experience for many years,When choosing fluorine-lined valve, the following points for attention are put forward for the using conditions of medium temperature, pressure, differential pressure, etc. :

1.Medium temperature for fluorine lined valves: For fluorine lined valve using fluorine plastic FEP (F46), the temperature of using medium can not exceed 150°C (medium temperature can be up to 150°C for a short time, and the service temperature should be controlled within 120°C for a long time ), otherwise, the valve parts of lining FEP easy to soften, deformation, resulting in the valve closed die, large leakage.
If the temperature of the using medium is below 180°C for a short time and below 150°C for a long time, another type of fluoroplastic PFA can be chosen, but the lined with PFA is more expensive than that lined with FEP.

2.Fluorine lined valve should avoid the use of negative pressure in the pipeline or valve cavity, if there is negative pressure, easy to cause the lining fluorine layer of valve cavity to be sucked out (out), shell, leading to the valve open, close failure.

3.So as to prevent the valve from breaking the lining fluorine layer of the seat and disc or the lined with Teflon bellows in the operation of opening and closing,so the medium conditions for the use of fluorine lined valves should not have hard particles, crystals, impurities, etc. If the medium has hard particles, crystallization, impurities, corrosion-resistant metal material can be selected in the disc and seat.
The last,when users choose various types of fluorine-lined plastic valves,They should try their best to understand and master the technical conditions of medium on site, which is easy to select and use the valve, so as to improve the service life of the valve.

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