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The application of Ceramic Pipe and Ceramic Elbow in transporting LiCoO2 powder equipment
Apr 05,2017       From: Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd
As the development of smart phone , lithium-iron battery also got a widely application . The demand of electrode material is increased day by day , and LiCoO2 is the only material used in the producing positive electrode material of lithium-iron battery. In the past long time , stainless steel 304 worked as the carrier of transporting powder of cobalt acid lithium. However , due to the large abrasiveness and impacting to the inner wall of pipes during the transporting process , the 304 stainless steel will be wear out in the short time .Meanwhile , some powder of 304 stainless steel pipe will drop from the inner pipe because of abrasiveness , which will go into the cobalt acid lithium powder . As a result of that , it will lead to the impurity of cobalt acid lithium powder which works as positive electrode material . What is more , 304 stainless steel have a good electrical conductivity ,so the cobalt acid lithium powder will inform the access circuit by the metal powder. This will lead to Li-iron appear ,and short circuit will be formed of lithium –ion battery . So it have a bad impact on the capacity of battery ,and reduce the lifetime of battery . So ceramic lined composite pipes was put forward ,it have a widely application in transporting cobalt acid lithium due to anti-abrasive & insulation performance .
Because cobalt acid lithium powder have some corrosiveness , so 304 stainless steel worked as the outer side material of the pipes . The inner material is ceramic material , which composite as a whole pipes . To increase the beauty of appearance . Polishing treatment should be taken on the outer layer of the composite pipe.
FREE-Valve’s Ceramic Pipe and Ceramic Elbow include elbow, short section ,Tee joint ,reducer etc ,which are widely used in the powder of pneumatic conveying and pumping conveying . Due to the large abrasives ,high hardness ,high speed ,large flow rate of medium ,the ceramic ring lined composite pipes can greatly prolong the speed of pipes wear out .

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