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  • High Performance Butterfly Valve02
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  • High Performance Butterfly Valve02
  • High Performance Butterfly Valve01
  • High Performance Butterfly Valve03
Wafer Type High Performance Butterfly Valve
Size Range
Pressure Range
Class 150~Class 300,PN10 ~PN40
Body material
Carbon steel or stainless steel
Seat material
PTFE and graphite PTFE ,metal
Working temperature
Connection method
Operating method
Worm gear,electric,pneumatic
Pressure test
GB/T13927; API598
Face to Face
GB/T12221; API609
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FREE-VALVE’s double offset design of wafer type high performance butterfly valves assures reduced seat wear and bidirectional, zero leakage shut off throughout the full pressure range. It is divided into hard to hard sealing or hard to soft sealing with two structures according to sealing surface material of the disc and seat.The butterfly valve can realize rotary under the condition of low torque by the resilient-seated design , which means a longer service life ,so as to cost-effective of choosing actuator.

1. The valve seat material is divided into metal seat and soft seat , which makes the valve suitable for liquid or gas service with many applications.
2. The seat can be replaced by loosening the seat ring bolts, saving the cost of the valve.
3. The resilient-seated design ensures minimal seat wear and double offset disc design provides excellent throttling capabilities ,it has characteristic of super long usage life, frictionless closure etc.
4. Blowout proof shaft design and the application of self lubricated bearings.
5. Preventing the disc from closing under over/under travel by adjusting mechanical stopper.
6. Disc sealing surface adopts spherical edge design.
7. Bidirectional equal seal, zero leakage.
8. According to the requirements of medium conditions, overlaying or spray welding different sealing materials on the sealing surface of the valve disc, such as STL, tungsten carbide, Cr13.

FREE-VALVE’s wafer type high performance butterfly valves are used in chemical, petroleum, natural gas, refining, power plants,water distribution, water treatment, pre-treated ,waste water, industry and pressure management and the role of regulating valve.

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