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  • Butt Welding Butterfly Valve
  • Butt Welding Butterfly Valve
  • Butt Welding Butterfly Valve
  • Butt Welding Butterfly Valve
  • Butt Welding Butterfly Valve
  • Butt Welding Butterfly Valve
Butt Welded Butterfly Valve
Size Range
Pressure Range
Class 150 ~Class300;PN10 ~PN40
Body material
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Other Materials
Sealing Material
Stainless steel,hard alloy& Other Materials
Connection Type
Butt weld
Pressure test:
GB/T13927; API598
Structure length
GB/T12221; API609
Jointing dimension
GB/T12224; ANSI B16.25
Operating method
Worm gear,electric,pneumatic
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FREE-Valve’s Butt Welded Butterfly Valves are triple offset structure and suitable for high temperature , high pressure , corrosion etc. Its are quarter-turn valves which are used for isolating or regulating flow .They are favoured for being lighter in weight, requiring less support and are suitable for water and gas, which makes them useful across industrial, mining and power applications. 

1. Reliable sealing,convenient operation,opening and closing fast.
2. This kind of valve with no flange, which makes pipe elegantly and binding up conveniently.
3. It adopt triple offset elasticity or multiple layers hard sealing configuration, the hermetical capability can reach to reliable sealing performance.
4. The sealing of disc can be replaced by loosening the disc ring bolts, saving the cost of the valve.
5.The ends of valve inlet port and outlet port has the annular boss, which is conducive to the valve and pipe welding heat absorption and diffusion.

FREE-Valve’s Butt Welded Butterfly Valves are applied to use in heating system, chemical, petroleum, natural gas, refining, energy, food and the role of regulating valve.

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