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Electrostatic Precipitator Systems
Apr 05,2017       From: Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd
Coal-power plants create large quantities of ash from the burning of the coal. Electrostatic precipitator systems(ESP systems) can effectively recycle fly ash, to purify the gas .Lightweight and Small, particles are known as fly ash because they rise with the stack gasses.
Valve being used in dense phase pneumatic conveying system of power plant , they work in a tough condition at the outlet of feeding equipment .Air with heavily solid particles ,frequently opening and closing etc . The working pressure may be up to 700 Kpa (g) and temperatures up to 100 degree C. Feeding valve and discharging valve will be set at the pneumatic conveying system of power plant . Feeding valve is installed on the upside of storage pump . The feeding valve will be opened for every 10 minutes as per the process requirement ,the flyl ash have a great abrasiveness to the valve . For most of the power plant , To solve this problem , pneumatic ceramic rotating gate valve has been developed . This kind of special valve have longer life time and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the power plant .
Ceramic Knife Gate Valve are suitable for this application of the working condituions due to their Short length of structure and simple.
The Sealing pair of the metal Knife Gate valve is quickly worn down by the ash, if it is happen, the valve must be replaced. Because the gate is straight trip, the ash is also often pulled into the packing gland during the opening and closing , requiring routine inspection and replacement.
Ceramic Knife Gate Valves are usually installed at the front of the pneumatic ceramic rotating gate valve in ESP systems . It works as cut off function when the ash removing system in repair situation . The knife gate valve is in normal open situation when the system works in normal .
FREE-Valve’s ceramic knife gate valve is specially developed for the two-phase flow of solid and liquid. Taking engineering ceramics as the main material for throttling element. Another FREE-Valve’s pneumatic rotating type ceramic gate valve is a high performance valve developed according to the fault frequently occurred during the operation of the dome valve. The ceramics is uses as the wear-resisting materials. So the valve widely used to replace pneumatic dome valve in ESP of systems power plant.

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