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  • Floating ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
Floating ball valve
Size Range
Pressure Range
Class 150~Class 300
Structure Type
Material of Valve Body
WCB(A105), WC6, WC9, LCB, CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3(304L), CF3M(316L)etc.
Sealing material
Rubber,PTFE,Hard Alloy,etc.
Connection Type
Flange,weld type
Drive Mode
Manual drive,Electric drive or Pneumatic drive
Design standard
ASME B16.34, ASME B16.10,ASME B16.5 ,ASME B16.25.
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The floating ball valve is a kind of common product in the industry. Specially provided for the condition with middle-flow pressure.This ball valve is applicable for water,oil,steam and other corrosive mediums.

1.Manufactured with full bore or necking structure, the one-piece floating ball valve, two-piece floating ball valve and three-piece floating ball valve are all available from us.
2.The floating structure will make the ball pressing on the sealing surface due to the displacement caused by the pressure from the medium. So our floating ball valve has good sealing performance .
3.The valve stem of the manual ball valve is offered with blow-out proof structure.
4.In case there is fire,the electric floating ball valve is still reliable for use due to the fireproof structure of the valve.
5.To avoid the accumulation of the static,this range of pneumatic is provided with anti-static structure,The spring plunger type static extraction device forms the static access between the ball and the stem and valve body and stem to avoid the accumulation of the static.

Chemical industry
Polysilicon industry
Power industry

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