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40 PCS ceramic valve discs were shipped to Vietnam
Jul 05,2019       From: Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd
 Pneumatic ceramic gate valve has been widely used in the fly ash system of coal power plant, There are ceramic swing gate valve, ceramic double gate valve and ceramic knife valve. The fly ash medium is hard and with particles in the coal power plant, according to the requirements of the operating conditions, ceramic gate valves need to be opened and closed frequently. Therefore, after long time running, the valve plate as a consumable, its frequent opening and closing process will also be worn, valve plate will be worn and lead to the valve sealing failure, the valve can not work properly.

If other parts such as valve seat ,valve body is in good situation ,there will be add cost by replacing all the whole valve , therefore, To reduce the fly ash system running cost in the coal power plant ,ceramic lined valve plate can be replaced separately instead of buying the whole new ceramic lined gate valve .
In June 2019,FREE-VALVE company provided 40 PCS ceramic valve disc to Vietnam. They meets the requirement of maintenance on-site, which extend the service life of ceramic gate valves after replacing the disc and greatly reduce the running cost of fly ash system .