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146 sets industrial valves have been exported to Vietnam market
Jul 12,2023       From: Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd
 Recently ,146 sets industrial valves have been exported to Vietnam market. All these valves will be used for Duyen Hai Power Thermal Plant in Vietnam .Supply range include : pneumatic rotating disc valve ,pneumatic double disc valve ,pneumatic butterfly valve ,gate valve ,globe valve  ,foot valve ,check valve ,ball valve etc .

FREE-VALVE have been stepped into international market since the year 2015 . More and more anti-abrasive valves were developed according to the working condition of coal power plant . For ash handling system ,the medium is bulk material (air and ash )with serious abrasive characteristic .As general valve with the short life time and large maintenance cost, FREE-VALVE s industrial valves were developed and play an important role in the pneumatic conveying system. As FREE-VALVEs industrial valves improve the equipment reliability and high efficiency technical support make plant maintenance support become easier ,so the cost of coal power plant will be reduced largely .