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How to select tank bottom angle valve
Oct 14,2017       From: Zhengzhou Free Fluid Control Technology Co.,Ltd
 Tank bottom angle valves are divided into disc opening into the valve and disc opening into the tank . Sometimes ,they are also called open-down type and open-up type .
The difference between the two types of tank bottom angle valve is the following :
Opening into the tank type is a special kind of globe valve . When the valve opened, valve stem will move upward and disc will go the inner of tank .However ,for the tank bottom angle valve (opening into the valve ) type ,when the valve disc rising ,valve will be opened and valve disc will be hidden into the valve body .
As opening into the tank type ,the fluid flowing besides the inlet and outlet of the valve rate is quite high . So abrasiveness will be occurred on the valve disc at some extent .For this structure ,the required axis distance will be little ,so it can save the space cost .
For opening into the valve type ,the valve disc will hidden into valve body , ,it can protect the valve disc from being flushing .The new generation valve with short axial distance is designed to reduce the material cost .

The following focuses on the selection of tank bottom angle valve(disc opening into the tank):
1.We need to know medium working temperature and chemical composition before selecting valve.
2.Providing flange standard or other relevant standards of valve for our company.If the original valve is technical update, please provide dimension of face to face about original valve, or according to our valve dimensions(L and L1).
3.When the valve is opened,the valve disc enters into the tank, and preventing the valve disc from interfering with stirring impeller,Please provide the distance dimension(H) from stirring impeller to tank outlet port, dimension of tank outlet port(φD) and flange diameter(φu)
4.When the valve is opened,for fully opening of valve,we need to calculate the corresponding stroke of valve for valve fully opening, please provide flange thickness(H2) of tank outlet port.

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