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 application of tank bottom angle valve The application of tank bottom angle valve in crystallization conditions
Tank bottom angle valve (disc opening into the tank ) is suitable to discharge and sampling the medium at the bottom of crystallizer . It usually welding at the bottom of tank or other vessel by the flange of the valve . The disc of tank bottom angle valve is designed as the flat type , valve body type is Y type , the valve disc is classified as open up and open down according to different working style
Coal Water Slurry System,liquid fuel The Coal Water Slurry System
Coal water slurry is a kind of coal- based liquid fuel. Generally speaking ,it is a mixture which composed of 60% coal powder ,35% water and small Cl ion .
LiCoO2  powder equipment The application of Ceramic Pipe and Ceramic Elbow in transporting LiCoO2 powder equipment
As the development of smart phone , lithium-iron battery also got a widely application . The demand of electrode material is increased day by day , and LiCoO2 is the only material used in the producing positive electrode material of lithium-iron battery.