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  • Fluorine Lined Butterfly Valve
  • wafer type FEP lined butterfly valve
  • Fluorine Lined Butterfly Valve
  • Fluorine Lined Butterfly Valve
  • wafer type FEP lined butterfly valve
  • Fluorine Lined Butterfly Valve
Pneumatic Fluorine Lined Butterfly Valve
Size Range
Pressure Range
Connection Type
Lining Material
Body material
Pressure test
GB/T13927, API598
Face to Face
GB/T12221, API 609
Operation Type
Spark Test
20 K.V.D.C.
Service temperature
-20°C to 150°C
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FREE-VALVE’s pneumatic fluorine lined butterfly valve adopts the central line fluorine lined structure,the valve body and disc are lined with anti-corrosive materials so as to effectively avoid the corrosion of the valve by strong corrosive media,so the valve has both the common butterfly valve mechanical strength, and also can play strong resistance to chemical medium properties .With positioner, it can be used as approximate equal percentage control valve under corrosive conditions . 

1.The valve positioner is used, the proportional adjustment is achieved, flow characteristic of the valve has approximately equal percentage.
2.Lined butterfly valve has good sealing performance and is bi-directional flow for zero leakage.
3. Broad lined materials of body and trim for a variety of medium service,the valve is an ideal solution to control and shut-off applications.
4.The valve can be equipped with various types of electric actuators.
5. It has small torque and easy to operate,it can be installed in any direction.
6. Convenient remote control operation, precise control,automation.

 FREE-VALVE’s pneumatic fluorine lined butterfly valve are ideally suited for the stringent performance requirements demanded with isolating and controlling all kinds of acid,alkali,salt and oxidant,organic solvent and other is widely used in chemical industry,petroleum,medicine,food,paper-making semi-fluid piping and container closure and adjust equipment.

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