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  • bronze thread gate valve
  • Bronze Female Thread gate valve
  •  Bronze NPT Thread End Gate Valve
  • bronze thread gate valve
  • Bronze Female Thread gate valve
  •  Bronze NPT Thread End Gate Valve
Bronze Female Thread gate valve
Size Range
Pressure Range
-20℃ to 200℃
Connection Type
Female NPT, BSPT, BSP,  ZG. G
Pressure range
Design and manufacture
ASME B16.34,BS5154
 ASTM B62 bronze
Non-rising stem ,rising stem and hand wheel
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FREE-VALVE’s Bronze Thread gate valve body is manufactured from aluminum bronze.It is the most commonly used valve in industry, and well suited for sea water, oil and gas service as well as a variety of other fluids. They are intended for on-off flow control and should only be used in the fully open or fully closed position. 

1.Small flow resistance ,the flow way inside valve is direct through,the medium can easily through the inside way, flow resistance are small.
2.The medium can flow in any direction on both sides, and is easy to install. Gate valves are symmetrical on both sides of the channel.
3.The type of stem is non-rising stem or rising stem.Rising stem gate valves are used when shutoff is required and a space saving is necessary.
4.The type of disc is solid wedge disc,fully guided wedge reduces wear on seating surfaces.
5.The solid wedge, integral seats and bi-directional service.

FREE-VALVE’s Bronze Thread gate valves are suitable for natural gas, oil refining, chemical engineering, petroleum, pharmacy, instrumentation,sea water etc.

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